Employment in the Gulf states, poor employment, and the suffering they face

Employment in the Gulf states, poor employment, and the suffering they face

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Where we also find in the United Arab Emirates, the same suffering that expatriates suffer and the violation of some rights and that the UAE depends on foreign employment in a high degree in relation to other countries, the UAE is based on what it contains from the social sponsorship system that institutions are based on in order to employ workers in order to obtain residency .

Employment in the Gulf states, poor employment, and the suffering they face

And that the percentage of workers in Dubai is 90%, and some workers are exploited by some merchants and with the Corona pandemic in a racist manner for some workers, where we find hundreds of Indians and Pakistanis in Dubai and offense to some of the migrants for workers who are in the UAE with a greeting to the UAE people and here to not be blessed, but crisis traders are present in all A place because of the Corona pandemic we find many workers begging without work that greatly affected migrants and that many have become without work due to the general closure decision and that about thousands of employees where visa restrictions are not allowed in a good place, life is slow and the economy does not need time to recover .

Employment in the Gulf states, poor employment, and the suffering they face

According to the labor unions affiliated with the state and human rights organizations in most of the countries, the Gulf cooperation is somewhat low in relation to the dangerous environment, the suffering and the risks that they are exposed to every day without any legal protection.

It is clear to us through an accident that occurred to construction workers in the State of Qatar, where construction company workers were subjected to a traffic accident, and a number of workers who were building a football field to host the World Cup in Qatar died in 2020, and in Saudi Arabia, many migrant workers in particular suffer from the worst transactions on the one hand Protection and insurance for them, according to Amnesty International, with the Saudi authorities launching raids on their homes and searching for those whose residency has expired, and their documents.

With reference to the fact that the Gulf countries cannot dispense with employment, with all the wealth that is in them that they lack the workforce that is managed by a small part of the people of the region or the country itself, and most of the workers coming to the Gulf countries do work that requires muscle effort often leading to early injuries When workers return to their countries of origin, workers have disc diseases in the spine or chronic aches that are formed through long and harsh work periods.

Problems traveling to and from the Arabian Gulf:

In order to obtain any permit to travel to Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or Oman, these people struggle to borrow from some offices that are called brokerage offices that act as mediator between the company and the expatriate worker, and upon their arrival in countries Gulf These offices withhold their passports, and one of the people named Jackie Khan explains that "keeping passports makes them feel frustrated upon arrival and they are misused and that offices consider this as their right to guarantee their money", with some of them imposing extra hours of unpaid wages and not charging them Any price, with some giving up other things such as annual vacations, holidays, occasions and holidays, in return, giving them their passports.

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