In order to compete with WhatsApp Telegram.


Telegram offers a primo service to its users for $6 per month

In order to compete with WhatsApp Telegram, it introduces the paid subscription feature

In order to compete with WhatsApp Telegram, it introduces the paid subscription feature. Learn about the subscription features.

If you are a fan of Telegram, you are now one step away to love it more with the paid subscription feature, where the monthly subscription price starts from 4.99 to 6 dollars per month.

The designer of the app said that its paid version which is called “Telegram Premium” will bring many advantages like uploading files up to 4GB which makes a lot of things easier along with higher file upload speed, capacity to convert voice messages to text and dozens of exclusive functions. Posters and animations for the profile.

The account of the User subscribed to the Payment Service will be marked with a blue star, to distinguish it from the rest of the Users.

Subscribers to paid services will have a completely free experience of any paid advertising messages, such as those that appear to users of the free service within public group chats, such as paid advertisements.

  Why did Telegram launch its paid services and its purpose?

In order to compete with WhatsApp Telegram, it introduces the paid subscription feature

  Social media expert Muhammad Al-Harthy says that the goal behind launching "Telegram" for his paid service is to provide financial resources to continue and make profits, in light of fierce competition with "WhatsApp" app, It has huge material resources and stable infrastructure, which placed it at the top of the list. The most widely used instant messaging application, and "Telegram" aspires to dominate the social network market by providing profits to ensure the continuity of its services.

And the social media expert adds, in his speech, that the new service “will allow the company to provide all the features that it provided to users for free over the past years, and their number reached 700 million monthly active users, which raises the operational cost of the application and its workers, as the application is considered one of the 5 most downloaded applications in the world.”  The year 2022, and he has great confidence in the global market, which are the features that require large resources, so the application wanted to provide them by providing a paid service.

 What are the advantages of the paid version?

 Subscribers to the paid service will have the ability to send up to 4GB of data, without interruption to upload enough to send a 4-hour video clip in 1080p quality, or an audio clip of 18 days in high quality.

 The user will be able to subscribe to 1,000 channels and chat groups, install 10 conversations in the application interface, reserve 10 names for public links on the service, and store 400 GIFs, all of which is double what is allowed on the free service.